Your Photoshoot

A high-quality headshot – the kick-start for your career

Most contacts today are made online and often a fraction of a second is enough for us to form an image of a person that goes far beyond mere appearance. Only a high-quality photograph that portrays you openly and confidently makes the viewer feel immediately addressed and can build up sympathy:

A business portrait is often referred to as a headshot. The word headshot describes a portrait intended for self-promotion. It doesn’t matter whether you need pictures for a job application, social networks, your sedcard or your website, because with a good headshot you cut a good figure in every situation.

What makes for a good headshot?

It is characterised by simplicity, clarity and focus on the essentials. And the essential is you! The focus is on the representation of the face. Clothes, jewellery and even the hairstyle recede into the background and your personality is emphasised.


First of all, I can reassure you: there is no such thing as “not photogenic”. A successful photo shoot and high-quality pictures that portray you sympathetically and competently are rather the result of trust and a relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, it is my goal that you forget the camera in the course of the photo shoot. We will talk, laugh and spend a pleasant time together.

To achieve the best result, I recommend some preparations. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep at least one night, better still two. Drink plenty of water and do something good for your skin by using a moisturiser. You don’t have to worry about any blemishes on the day of the shoot, I will take care of them in the post-processing.

Styling & Clothes

I recommend that you choose the hairstyling and make-up that makes you feel most comfortable with yourself.


If you have long hair, you should bring accessories such as hair ties or barrettes. However, you should not wear them before the shoot to avoid waves in your hair. We will certainly also take photos with open hair. If your hair looks “wild” after washing, it may be helpful not to wash it on the day of the shoot, but the day before.


Please bring about 5 different tops/combinations to the shoot. During the shoot we will photograph different options. Light and dark options help us to generate different looks and convey statements. Please note that especially large patterns, stripes and a jumbled look are not favourable. 


Men can skip this paragraph. The eye wants to see what it is used to seeing. Many men do not wear make-up in everyday life and should therefore not do so in photos either. Authenticity is also a high value for women. First of all, don’t do anything that you don’t normally do. Stay true to yourself.

How your photoshoot will go

We start with a conversation in which we work out a direction for your special portrait together. Over the course of the shoot I will then take between 50 and 150 photos in different looks and angles. We take breaks, discuss feedback and make sure we are on the right track.

Together we will then select the best photo(s), which I will then edit to the highest standard for you. Together we will achieve outstanding results. With my expertise, I will capture your unique look and deliver a portrait that matches your vision.


High quality images are of course not exclusively the result of the equipment used, yet it also plays a role. I use high-end Nikon cameras, high-quality, fast lenses and professional lighting techniques to achieve the crystal-clear and absolutely sharp look you rightly expect. Normally your shoot will take place in a rented studio or your business premises.

If there are any questions left unanswered, or you have decided to book your session with me, feel free to use the booking form or write to me at matti at mattiseidel punkt com

Thank you for your trust,

Matti Seidel